grass and astroturf cricket nets

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    Zayed Cricket Academy facilities have recently been renovated and now include 17 grass and eight astroturf cricket nets along with eight existing wickets.

    What is meant by "grass and astroturf cricket nets" please?
    Source: Abu Dhabi Sports Council
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    A cricket net means a small area surrounded by nettting, in which bowlers and batsmen practice.


    Likewise, the "eight existing wickets" means the grass area to play matches on, not just the wooden targets.
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    Beyond that, it means that they have 25 of the things in Keith Bradford's image. The green stuff on the ground is grass in 17 of them, Astroturf (an artificial surface that looks sort of like grass) in the other eight.

    You can find out more about Astroturf here.
    The linked page describes surfaces for American football, but they're probably much the same for cricket.
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    Many thanks:)

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