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    Hello! More beef industry questions...

    This time I'm looking for a translation of the term "grass-finished." I know "grass-fed" is "carne de vacuno alimentado con pasto" or something similar, but grass-finished is [apparently] more nuanced than that.

    Specifically, finished means that the animal is physically mature in skeleton and muscle and that it has some fatty tissue as well. In contrast, grass fed is currently being used in reference to any animal that 1.) was fed a grass-based diet prior to grain finishing or 2.) an animal raised on pasture but butchered while still in a growth or immature stage.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Grass-finished beef is beef from cattle fed in the pasture (eating grass) for the last months before slaughter (in contrast to corn-fed beef).
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    Sugiero ganado de engorde/engorda final en/con pastos/pasturas.
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    Acá dicen "terminado a campo", se entiende que en el campo come pasto.

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