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    I am not quite sure what 'grass-roots' mean in this phrase:
    Crazy Poker is making its mark in the online casino field by joining force s with an admirable grass-roots charity organization.

    It's from a news item about the 'Help for Haiti Poker Tournament' at Crazy Poker.

    I would say that it means something like 'activist' nature/ charactar of an organization.

    Thank you
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    Here is a little more information about the "grass-roots" charity organisation.
    The Haitian Health Foundation is a charitable organization that has been working to assist the poor and sick in Haiti since 1982 and have been very active in contributing their funds and resources in aid of the Haiti disaster relief program.
    I suggest that this label, in quotation marks in the original, has been used to emphasise that the organisation is Haitian. It is not an international aid agency. It already has a presence, an organisation, in Haiti.
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    Thanks but what does 'grassroots' mean?

    Does it mean a charitable organization that's very active in helping other people?
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    It means an org. that begins from the bottom up. It's an org. run by the "common people." It's not an elite org., for example.
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    Thank you very much! Que Dios les bendiga

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