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what is the meaning of the word "grasshalms"? This word is included in the novel "Ulysses" of James Joyce, in the following sentence: "A deaf gardener, aproned, masked with Matthew Arnold's face, pushes his mower on the sombre lawn watching narrowly the dancing motes of grasshalms".
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    They are the stalks of cut grass. Usually grass halms (pron: harmz)

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    It is possible that the bower spotted by us in 2007 was in its first year of use. It was made primarily out of grass halms, without a stable base of twigs (see first photo below). Note also the scarcity of trinkets to adorn the alley.
    haulm or halm - stems of beans and peas and potatoes and grasses collectively as used for thatching and bedding stalk, stem - a slender or elongated structure that supports a plant or fungus or a plant part or plant organ.
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