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I don't know what I have to put after "grateful" in this sentence :

I'm very grateful ... what you have done for me.

about / for / of... ? Are there many possibilities ?
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    In this case it would definitely be 'for'. You would still be understood using another preposition, but it would sound strange. Think of it as a sort of exchange, gratitude in exchange 'for' what was done for you. Prepositions are hard because they are used differently in each language, but after a while you can hear what sounds right and what doesn't.


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    What is the difference between grateful "To" and "For"?
    I've heard both used, and that what I 've noticed and I want to make sure whether I am right or not.

    Grateful for what you have done.Grateful for your help.(for something)

    Grateful to you.(to someone)

    Thanks in advance :)
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