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  1. Anaka New Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Could anybody tell me the difference between grateful and thankful? they are both adjectives.
  2. JCEst Senior Member

    English -Ireland
    There's not really a difference.
  3. Anaka New Member

    Spanish - Spain
    That's what I think, but it appears in an exercise for First Certificate entitled 'Pairs of words often confused'
  4. maghanish2 Senior Member

    United States - English veo ninguna diferencia tampoco. No comprendo por qué están en ese ejercicio.
  5. miklo3600

    miklo3600 Senior Member

    English-United States
    Anaka...In the U.S. we use them interchangeably.

    I am thankful for what you have done.
    I am grateful for what you have done.

    Both describe something that has been appreciated.

    I hope that helps. If you find out what the subtle difference is, let me know. I am totally curios. (Me muero de curiosidad por aprender la diferencia entre estas palabras.) :D
  6. miklo3600

    miklo3600 Senior Member

    English-United States
    grateful Aadjective1 grateful, thankful
    feeling or showing gratitude; "a grateful heart"; "grateful for the tree's shade"; "a thankful smile" 2 grateful
    affording comfort or pleasure; "the grateful warmth of the fire"

    I got this from the WR English definition.

    Saludos y suerte
  7. Anaka New Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Well I'm not going to worry anymore about it. Perhaps there's only a small difference, feeling gratitude or just thankful.
    Thanks anyway. You helped me to make sure of what I was thinking.
  8. Poldarn New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm assisting to one cours to prepare myself to the First Certificate, and the teacher explained us the difference between Grateful and Thankful.

    I was grateful because my friend lend my one umbrella.

    I was thankful because stopped raining.

    Or somthing like that. Grateful is for somthing good it happend, and Thankfull for somthing bad is not happend.
  9. kevineanes New Member

    English - United States of America (West Coast)
    It means the same thing.
    Significa la misma cosa.
  10. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    No, there's a difference. Here's one explanation:

    Grateful means that you appreciate what someone has done for you and you want to express your thanks. Thankful means that you are relieved/pleased that what you hoped for has actually happened.
  11. mancunienne girl Senior Member

    English - England
    I think Poldarn has got the subtle difference right. You would say "I am grateful for what you did", but not "I am thankful for what you did".
    You would say "I am thankful it is not raining", but you wouldn't say "I am grateful it is not raining".
  12. mhp Senior Member

    American English
  13. Liv2learn New Member

    I being Grateful and Thankful the same thing or the same meaning?
    I never really understood the difference between being grateful and being thankful.
    I often wondered why we have two words expressing the same thing.
    Not too long ago, I got a great idea: I LOOKED THEM UP!
    I was really surprised at what I found.

    Gratitude is an agreeable emotion, consisting in or accompanied with good will to a benefactor, and a disposition to make a suitable return of benefits or services, or when no return can be made, with a desire to see the benefactor prosperous and happy.

    Thanks is the expression of gratitude; an acknowledgment made to express a sense of favor or kindness received.

    Did you catch that?
    Gratitude is the feeling or sentiment excited by kindness.
    Thanks are the expression of that sentiment.

    I found this almost unseen definition very helpful showing the difference between the two words. I hope it helps others too.
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  14. wolfman1 Member

    English - USA
    agree with live2learn

    grateful = feeling
    thankful = expression of feeling

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