Gratitude/Feeling Obliged (Namaskar/Namaste) emoji


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Hello Mike and Mods,
Could we please have a joined hands emoji (like two hands joined while greeting someone by saying namaskar/namaste) to express gratitude? Joining hands to express that one is feeling really obliged is a super common gesture in Hinduism and India, and is well recognized by people from other places too, I think. I feel the need for that so commonly on the forum as no other emoji on the list expresses gratitude.

Thank you.

  • mkellogg

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    Hi EMP,

    This is a forum of words. You should learn how to express these ideas in words, not emoji. :p

    All joking aside, I believe the next version of the Xenforo software that we use will have many different emoji. I will be installing it here in the next month or so. (Actually, it might not happen with the first upgrade. It might happen a few weeks later with another change.)


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    India - Hindi
    Thank you so much for your kind reply, Mike. Deeply appreciated.

    Thanks so much, elroy. Yes, that's right, and I've always felt that that should be one of the emojis.