grave / llana (pronunciación)

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  1. wwv Senior Member

    English - USA
    When discussing pronounciation, I have seen words with stress on the penultimate syllable labelled as both "grave" and "llana". Is there any distinction between the two terms?
  2. Rayines

    Rayines Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    There's no difference; we commonly say "grave" ;).
  3. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
    They are synonyms. I didn't know you also used grave in Spanish! :cool:
  4. mhp Senior Member

    American English
  5. L4ut4r0 Senior Member

    Chile, castellano/español
    Argentinians and Chileans commonly say grave. Spaniards say llana.
  6. Olivia98 Member

    Mexican Spanish & English
    What is the English equivalent to these two words?
  7. flljob

    flljob Senior Member

    México español

  8. SISTHAR Senior Member

    Huelva (SPAIN)
    Spanish & Catalán
    En español de España, aguda, LLANA, esdrújula y sobreesdrújula. Grave se usa menos, pero significa lo mismo.
  9. duvija

    duvija Senior Member

    Spanish - Uruguay
    Siemrpre dije 'grave o llana' , todo junto, casi como si fuera una sola palabra. Así me lo enseñaron...
    Igual que 'diéresis o crema' (o 'trema')
  10. flljob

    flljob Senior Member

    México español
    ¿Existe una clasificación de las palabras inglesas basada en la acentuación, como en español?

  11. horsewishr

    horsewishr Senior Member

    Michigan (USA)
    English (Generic Midwest Variety)
    (lest our non-native friends think the word is pronounced like you spelled it ;) )

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