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We turned a corner onto another shady block. A street sign read “Cemetery
Drive”, and sure enough, a large cemetery rose up in front of us. Granite gravestones
rolled along a low hill, which sloped down and then up again onto a large flat stretch,
also marked with rows of low grave markers and monuments.

Are "grave markers" epitaphs and "monuments" gravestones?

Thanks :)
  • Lucy Harris

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    Grave markers would be smaller gravestones, or even a metal temporary marker.

    Monuments would be very large, ostentatious gravestones.

    An epitaph would usually be a short memorial poem, more likely on a monument.


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    I would say that "low grave markers" are plaques flush with the ground or small headstones, while "monuments" are much more grand: from large headstones on up to more elaborate installations. (Image)

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