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Hi, there, forum-peeps,

Does any one know the Spanish word for "grawlix"? That is the name of the whirly scribble or any other graphical representation of a profanity (i.e., I just can't find the @#$% translation!)

I thought of "garabato," but that's just a plain ol' doodle.

Let me know, alright?
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    I can't imagine any word in Spanish for that... if I had to translate it somehow, I would probably just use "palabrotas".
    Definitively, "garabato" is not right there.


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    I know… Sometimes, English has a very deep level of precision with the name of things, even though anyone hardly ever uses those words. It very well might be one of those untranslatable thingies… We'll see, I guess. Thanks guys!
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