Grazie a tutti - grazie di tutto

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    Zas, it really depends on if you are speaking formally to a large group or in a smaller, less formal setting. If you have just given a speech and are thanking the group for their attentiveness, you might want to say: "Thank you all for being here." or simply "Thank you." or even "Thank you for your time." However, if you are speaking to a smaller group and it is in a less formal setting, you could say: "Thanks all!" Honestly it depends on who your audience is/was and what it is you are thanking them for. ;)

    I'm sure others will add their thoughts because there are probably 100 ways to go about this one! :)


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    Thanks to all.:tick:??
    Thanks of all.:cross:
    Thanks on all.:cross:

    Ditemi voi, non so mai come ringraziare le moltitudini.

    Hi there Zas....

    In your two examples, the prepositions "of" and "on" would never be correct.

    From the situation you briefly described, I would think these would be the most likely:

    Thank you.
    Thank you very much.
    Thank you all very much.


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    Ciao Zas

    If you were thanking on behalf of a group you could say

    " Thanks from all of us"