Grazie per la Sua comprensione

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by ILE77, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. ILE77 Senior Member

    E' corretta questa traduzione?
    Grazie per la Sua comprensione
    Thank you for being understang.

  2. Eveleen Member

    Io lo tradurrei così: "Thank you for your understanding".
  3. flora03 Member

    I invece, thanks for your understanding
  4. Porto su, perché vorrei un parere da un madrelingua. Mi sembra una cosa molto italiana che non ho mai visto usata da anglofoni.

    Qualcuno può darmi il suo parere?
  5. byrne Senior Member

    English - UK (Londoner)
    I'd say: t
    thanks for understanding
    thanks for being so understanding...(it sounds a bit off without the so, non sure why though)
  6. Thanks a lot Byrne! One more question: is it common to end a formal letter/email in this way? Especially if in the body of the letter you are asking something or you are saying that you are sorry for a trouble that you caused...

    Thank you again!
  7. byrne Senior Member

    English - UK (Londoner)
    it all boils down to context as usual... so it's hard to answer...
    In a formal letter I (personally) would probably use something like
    Thank you (not thanks) for your kind understanding/ patience
    Thank you for being so considerate...
    but it would depend on what I had done or what I was asking for

    p.s. you're welcome!

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