Grazie per la tua gentilezza

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by lizard_queen2005, Jan 9, 2006.

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    io vorrei concludere una lettera abbastanza formale in cui sto chiedendo ulteriori informazioni con qualcosa del tipo "grazie per la tua gentilezza/disponibilità"..per non usare il solito "Many thanks in advance and best regards" :)
  2. 'Thank you for your kindness'?
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    Thanks! I was not sure a phrase so "simple" could be used in a "formal" e-mail! ;)
  4. I am not an Italian speaker, Lizard Queen (well, I used to have a small knowledge), so it depends on how formal your e-mail is.
  5. ElaineG

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    In professional letters of this type, I would say "Thank you for your attention to this matter" or "Thank you for your courtesy and attention to this matter". I wouldn't use "kindness" in a professional letter, but it's a matter of taste, I suppose.
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    This final phrase could be further formalized:-
    Thanking you for your consideration and attention
    Yours sincerely (if you know the name of the person you are writing to and have included it when writing "Dear .... ,"
    Yours faithfully (if you wrote "Dear Sir" "Dear Sirs" Dear Sir/Madam" [in English we try to avoid writing "Dear Madam"]
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    Not very different from Adriana's suggestion, but a concise and versatile phrase is "Thank you for your kind consideration." This phrase is useful because it suggests an anticipated kindness being extended, it invites the reader's discretion as to the object of consideration (e.g., my specific request, my situation as I've described it, your impression of me as someone asking you for something) and it connotes consideration as "considerateness" in addition to focused professional attention to the business at hand. Just a thought.

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