great abilities <in><of> translation

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Hi all,

I am wondering which preposition should I use after 'abilities' in my sentence.

He has great abilities _____ translation.

I know that the best way to say it is 'translation abilities', but I am wondering whether 'in' or 'of' here is grammatically correct?

Any help is appreciated.
  • kentix

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    He has great skill at translation.
    He is very skilful at translating French to English.

    Srta. G

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    Hi T.D.,

    If I had to keep your sentence as written, I would use, "He has great abilities for translation." I would use "for" here, because I would use it in a sentence that communicates a similar sentiment: He has an aptitude for translation.

    I would add that I don't love how the sentence is phrased, as it sounds awkward to my ear. I feel that it could be better phrased. I think that is what kentix attempted to do with their post.


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    Thank you all for your advice.

    This sentence was written by my friend.
    His original sentence was 'He had strong abilities of translation and interpreting.'

    I cannot explain from a grammartic aspect, but thought it sounded weird and changed it to 'He had strong translation and interpretation skills.' (Also I was told it's better to use -tion in parallel with -tion, and -ing with -ing, so I changed interpreting to interpretation)

    Just curious which preposition should be used if he insisted to use his structure.

    So basically native speakers do not usually use 'ability of/for [a skill]' in this kind of context, but instead 'skill'?


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    This is excellent.

    He had strong translation and interpretation skills.

    "Abilities of" does not sound natural. Even "he had strong abilities" does not sound natural.

    Here's a use that sounds natural with "to".

    He had a well-developed ability to perceive hidden danger, which served him well in his role as a private investigator.
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