Great minds like a think

Discussion in 'English Only' started by hly2004, Sep 24, 2007.

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    The headline writer is playing with the familiar phrase. It's a good headline--that's the sort of play on words that gets attention.

    It is also correct. 'Think' can be used--though it is not commonly used--as a noun to mean 'the act of thinking,' or 'thought' or 'the forming of an idea.'

    An idiom is "If you think that you are (going out dressed in that), you've got another think coming." That means "your original idea is faulty, and you need to form another one."

    There is debate about that idiom, however, because so many people hear it as "'ve got another thing coming."
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    Yes, there is a debate - we had one recently, and if anyone's interested it's over here (please don't continue the think/thing thing on this thread :D)
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    Thank you both, I checked up the link.It is "think" of course.

    But I'm still not clear about the idea of "Great minds like a think"(sorry, I should use "idea" instead of "meaning")
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    It essentially means "Great minds enjoy a time of thought/period of reflection." "think" as a noun is a humorous way of saying that a period of time will be devoted to think about something. "I'm going to have to sit down and have myself a little think about this" would be a silly way to say that you need some time to reflect on this topic.

    It's not proper English in any way. It's a deliberate misuse of a verb as a noun to lend some humor to the sentence.
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    Thank you, JamesM, I've got it!

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