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    I think the first sentence should read: Apart from its rich history, it also has great potential for real estate investors.
    OR As well as historical richness, it has great potential for ... . OR It has not only historical richness, but also great potential for ... . OR In addition to historical richness, it has great potential for ... .
    "Potential" is uncountable.
    In the BNC, I found this sentence: "Scotland has great potential for an increase in cycling for recreation and touring." Source:
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    Thank you wolfbm1. I thought so, too. There is a lot of incorrect use (with "a" at front) on the Net however, what made me a little confused. In your sentence I would not use "apart", since original says "as well". I would put the sentence this way: "It has rich history and great potential for real-estate investors as well".
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    You can say that again.
    Actually the original says "as well as", which has a similar meaning to "not only ... but also" or "in addition to".
    "As well" is similar to "also" and "too" ("either" in negative clauses).
    "Apart from" means "besides". It might not go well with the preceding text.
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    Another clue to Sotheby's grammatical ignorance is the use of "it's" as the possessive of it. The possessive of it is its. "It's" is the contraction of it is.
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    That's right.

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