1. willarkin Member

    UK English
    What are the best phrases to use to express great satisfaction, eg in a restaurant or being shown round a very good hotel room etc? In English it might be, "that's great, thanks... brilliant... lovely..." etc

    Es genial?
    Esta bien?

    Are these Ok and are there other good phrases?
  2. twen Senior Member

    U.S.A. - English
    Excelente, súper, fantástico, tremendo. . .

    twen :)
  3. willarkin Member

    UK English
    Fantastico, gracias!
  4. Marqueesa Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    "Es genial" is a good phrase for that.
    "Está bien" or "está muy bien" are very common expressions too.

    "Me encanta"

    And if it's real a very, very good thing and you are specially glad and something is specially charming, you can say "maravilloso".

    One thing: "súper" is NOT a very common phrase, at least in Spain, if you are older than 15 years old.

    "Tremendo" is not very usual to express a great satisfaction. You can use it for something that is annoying to you, it can be good or it can be bad. You can use it to refer to a very, very big thing too.
    You can express satisfaction whith this, but it is a most peculiar word for that, I think. or more informal.
  5. willarkin Member

    UK English
    Estupendo, gracias!

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