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Hi everyone, I need some help in translating this document for my job. The document is given to our clients for feedback on whether the services that they have been receiving are helping them in their issues/problems. The answers to the questions are very category oriented and I was wondering if the way I am thinking of translating them makes sense. I'm not sure if the English answers are the best, but I would like the Spanish ones to make sense. Thanks in advance for any help.

1) greatly improved (mejoraron enormemente)
2) substantially improved (mejoraron significamente)
3) improved somewhat (mejoraron un poco)
4) stayed the same (siguen igual)
5) gotten worse (empeoraron)
6) gotten much worse (empeoraron bastante)

An example of a question is, "Compared to when you first started therapy at N.L., do you feel that the issues/problems that brought you here have changed overall?" Thanks again for any help
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    Spanish and English
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