Greece did not lose territory in its war


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I want to say that Greece and the Ottoman Empire have fought a war and it has ended, and also Greece did not lose any territory in the war. Which of these is correct and natural?

1.Greece did not lose territory in the war with the Ottoman Empire.

2.Greece did not lose territory during the war with the Ottoman Empire.

I have to say that I feel like there is a better way to put this.
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    Thanks owlman. So, you think this is the best way to put it? :

    Greece did not lose territory in the war with the Ottoman Empire.


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    I'd probably say "... in its war ..." There were several wars between the Ottoman Empire and someone else during all of history. This is the one with Greece.


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    I prefer any territory, as you said in your introduction, but this may just be a personal preference.

    Whether you use during or in is not something that I find a problem.
    The choice of preposition could also be influenced by the surrounding sentences.

    I have just seen what Egmont wrote and this is something that I was thinking of saying. :)

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    When two countries go to war, any changes to their common border are the result of the peace treaty signed after the end of hostilities, so the notion of loss of territory during a war, with military operations still in progress, doesn't work for me. "In its war ..." doesn't carry such a strong implication of of "while the fighting was going on" as "during its war ..." does, but if I had a free choice I would say "Greece did not lose any territory as a result of its war with the Ottoman Empire."
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