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    The only translation I know for gourmand is greedy but I dont know why, this English word sounds pejorative to me, refering to someone eating messy. Is it true, or does greedy also refer to people who just enjoy eating?

    In other words, how would you ask someone if they like good food without insinuating they are dirty pigs? :confused:

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    gour·met (gʊr-mā', gʊr'mā') [​IMG]
    n. A connoisseur of fine food and drink.
    [French, from Old French, alteration (influenced by gourmand, glutton) of groumet, servant, valet in charge of wines, from Middle English grom, boy, valet.]
    USAGE NOTE A gourmet is a person with discriminating taste in food and wine, as is a gourmand. Because gourmand can also mean “one who enjoys food in great quantities” or even “a gluttonous eater,” care should be taken to make clear its intended sense. An epicure is much the same as a gourmet, but the word may sometimes carry overtones of excessive refinement. This use of epicure is a misrepresentation of Epicurean philosophy, which, while it professed that pleasure was the highest good, was hardly given to excessive concern with food and drink.
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    Thanks Aupick, I should have looked in previous threads by myself before asking the question.

    Tamanoir, your post is interresting too, but I definitly wanted to say gourmand not gourmet. Thanks anyway.

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