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I just wan't to ask for simple words in English to be translated in Greek. I will post them in this thread for me and others to ask and see to help us understand:

Can they be translated in english e.g. good morning = kalimera

Translations for the following please:

Do not touch
How was your weekend?
Are you feeling cold?
Should I switch the air conditioning off?
The weather is really good

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    This is how I would say the phrases:
    Don't touch- Μην αγγίζετε [min angízete]
    Delicious- Πολύ νόστιμος* [polí nóstimos] (lit: very tasty)
    Tasty- Νόστιμος [nóstimos]
    How was your weekend- Πώς πήγε το Σαββατοκύριακό σου;* [pos píye to savato-kíriakó su]
    Are you feeling cold?- Κρυώνεις; [kriónis]
    Should I switch the air con off?- (Θέλετε/ θα θέλατε) Να κλείσω τον κλιματισμό; [na klíso ton glimatismó]
    The weather is really good- Είναι πολύ καλός ο καιρός [íne polí kalós o kerós]

    *There is probably another way of saying "delicious" but it has the same meaning as "very tasty" essentially.
    * I've never been asked this before in Greek, but I think "how did your weekend go?" would be the best way to translate it.

    --> If you're saying "the food was delicious", a good phrase would be "το φαγητό ήταν υπέροχο" [to fayitó ítan ipérocho], which translates as "the food was wonderful/superb".


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    avalon is correct.

    You could also say that a food was "Νοστιμότατο" (nostimOtato) which is the word "tasty" in the superlative.

    As for the weekend, although the use of "πήγε"(Piye) is perfectly ok and absolutely colloquial you can also put "ήταν" (Itan = was) in it's place.
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