Greek "battle cry" to cheer on the national football team?

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Hallo to all those of you who are interested in football:

There was a question on a German forum about the Greek national team. Somebody wanted to know what the Greeks use to cheer on their football players? Is there any special "battle cry", such as "Allez les bleus" for the French team or "Forza!" for the Italian team?

If you know such a term, you can help me to answer that question. I wouldn't be able to answer the question for the German team, either. I think there is no such term here. If there is such a term in Greek, you can also write it in Greek letters. I will be able to read it. The only thing I could have come up with is something general like " Έλα! / Ελάτε!"
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    Even in the Greek football stadiums you hear sometimes "Φόρτσα". I don't think there is an "established" battle cry for the Greek team. "Eλλάς Ελλάς" (the name of the national team) is something you hear very often.

    "Πάμε Ελλάδα/Ελλαδάρα" has the caracterististic that cheers on the football players like "Forza" or "Allez les bleus", but you see it usually as a title in a newspaper, and you don't hear it as a battle cry in a stadium.
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    I totally agree with Perseas. Another one that you hear quite often is when the half crowd goes "Ελλαδάρα!" and the other half "Ομαδάρα!". But most common is "Παίξτε μπάλα, ρε!"
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