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    Hello posters,

    I am pleased to announce the opening of Greek Resources Suggestion sticky. This thread accepts suggestions for resources that help learners in various aspects of the Greek language. Contributions, upon approval, are to be listed in Greek Resources. Please note that this thread is NOT the Greek resources collection but a place to suggest resources that other posters may find useful.


    Please make sure that your suggestions contain the following items:
    a. URL
    b. a short description of the Web page: what information it presents, how the info is presented and so on.
    c. one and only one category label

    Below is an example contribution:
    Quote:Softwares - A Firefox add-on to enable easy input of Unicode characters: to enable macron and brevis shortcuts.

    Category labels

    In order to easily locate resources, approved links are going to be sorted in separate sections, each of which consisting of links relevant to a particular section. Please use category labels to suggest where the posted resources should belong to. Below are the category labels tentatively created. If you come up with a resource that fits in none of the labels, you are free to propose a new category label in your suggestion post.

    Online Lessons/Tutorials, Words and Phrases, Literature, Pronunciation, Web Services, Media, About Latin, Dictionaries and Other Reference, Softwares

    Use of this thread

    This thread is maintained only for suggestions. Please check our Greek resources collection before posting suggestions. To do so, click here. In case you find problems with existing links (such as broken links, commercial contents, redundant items etc.), kindly contact Greek Forum moderator via PM (Personal Message).

    I hope we can all benefit from this asset and contribute to its development.

    Greek Forum moderator
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    Hello ppl,

    I found a very interesting (so as not to say great) site on Greek... but I don't know how to categorize it... It seems to have "everything" (haven't seen all the material "in there" just yet). It has language and literature related material... (I've seen some exercises, literary texts, links to online dictionaries) I think it's a nice site to browse for those interested in Greek language.

    Misc. resources (don't know a better category label, maybe you have more inspiration) - Greek language and literature gateway (in Greek). Η πύλη για την Ελληνική Γλώσσα.

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    Hello again,

    browsing through my files I came across an older one with some links. I thought it might be nice of me to share them.

    Grammar: (Modern Greek) - Phonology, Morphology, word order, a brief history
    (I found it quite useful especially for reference.)

    Misc: - literature, arts and science and other aspects of Greek life through the ages.

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    Για να βάλω και εγώ ένα λιθαράκι...

    Here: are Greek Lessons free in the intenet. It's called Filoglossia ..

    ..και είναι του Ινστιτούτου Επεξεργασίας του Λόγου (ΙΕΛ). In it's address you might find more staff.

    Με πολλή αγάπη:D

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    Last posts moved to a separate thread titled ASCII for Greek
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  8. tomstaph Senior Member

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    I think this has to be the best online Greek-English dictionary I have ever used. Sorry if someone's already posted this link.

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    Following are two websites which may be usefull to beginners studying greek. They both have pretty much the same content but in different forms. The first site is a blog site that I put together throughout last year keeping track of the topics covered in evening classes I attended both as an aide to revision and to help anybody catch up who missed a class. The second URL covers the same information but in a more regular website format which is probably much easier to view. They were both written by me so may well have several errors, but I have had the Greek teacher of the course go through and correct what errors he found.

    Description: Course notes put together through a year 1 beginners Greek evening class. This site also contains various posts about activities going on with the class, but the bulk of the posts were notes on topics covered in class
    Category: Other Referance


    Description: The "referance" content of the above blog site transcribed onto seperate webpages per topic for easier printing and to get arround the problems some people have getting to blog sites. All the class activity related stuff has been excluded from this site - it's purely language course notes.
    Category: Other Referance

    Hope they may be of help
  10. balgior Senior Member

    Hello! I found these:

    a) URL:

    Description: A modern Greek-English / English-modern Greek dictionary. Not complete, but including many common words - with pictures. The best part is that you can listen to how the words are pronounced by native Greeks! Very good place for beginners! It is a project by "Yale University Center for Language Study"

    Category: modern Greek dictionary for beginners :)

    b) URL:

    Description: Exercises and tests on ancient Greek (it could well be described as an educational game:) ) by "University of Victoria"

    Category: ancient Greek exercises...
  11. Vagabond

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    I did a quick search and I didn't see this mentioned anywhere (though I am terribly sleepy and might have skipped it, in which case I apologise in advance):
    Description: Modern Greek slang, Greek>Greek dictionary. Apparently one can also add definitions to a term, rate existing definitions etc. when registered, although registration is not required to simply look terms up.
    Category: Dictionaries
  12. Vagabond

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    Description: A multi-technical online glossary of terms for a wide spectrum of applications including chemistry, medical, computer, engineering and industrial fields.
    One can also participate, by sending in submissions of new terms, or by informing of terms that are not currently included, so that they can be added. English <> Greek.
    Category: Dictionaries
  13. Vagabond

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    Description: Specialised definition extraction from EU texts from and to any EU language, multiple fields/domains (technical, EU, politics, medical, information/IT, education, social, environment, commerce, etc. etc.).
    Category: Glossaries/Dictionaries

    Description: Informatics dictionary/glossary, English>Greek. Just replace /a.htm with /b.htm etc., in order to browse entries starting with different letters*.
    Category: Glossaries/Dictionaries
    *Or just click on the letters on the left. Absent-minded me just noticed them :eek:

    Description: Telecommunications TermBase. Database in Greek/English/German/French.
    Category: Dictionaries

    Description: English<>Greek Informatics Dictionary, by the University of Athens
    Category: Dictionaries

    Description: Dictionary of Music Technology. English>Greek.
    Category: Dictionaries

    Description: Internet terminology glossary/dictionary. English<>Greek, Greek>Greek.
    Category: Dictionaries/Glossaries
  14. Kevman Senior Member

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    A Wikipedia-style encyclopedia site with a nice Greek>Greek dictionary, including plenty of colloquial words (I've been finding lots of Kazantzakis words there!:)). Just enter a word (or topic, for that matter) in the search box at the top of the page.

    CAUTION for non-native speakers: Since it's a wiki, if it cannot find your word it will prompt you to add an entry! Unless you really know what you are doing it's probably best to only enter queries in the "Μετάβαση"/"Αναζήτηση" box at the top right-hand side of the page. ;)

  15. shawnee

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    On the question of resources;
    Is there an on line Katharevousa - Mod Greek dictonary?
    I have looked but not found.
  16. Flaminius

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  17. makot Senior Member

    A useful site (extensive, though not all-inclusive) for the translation and better understanding of financial terms is:

    This is the Home page, so you must click on 'Λεξικό Όρων' to start your search. Explanations are provided for quite a few complicated concepts, in Greek, easy to understand, and very helpful!

    Category: Online dictionaries

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  18. OssianX Senior Member

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    About above:

    I'll second that. It's the only place (online or in a printed dictionary) where I was able to find σκοινοβασία, tightrope-walking. (I should have been able to figure it out, but I didn't.) Of course, it's Greek->Greek, which provides *more* practice…

  19. OssianX Senior Member

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  20. Teiresias Member

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    URL :
    Category: Pronunciation
    Description: Conventions of Pronouncing Ancient Greek, Koine Greek, and Modern Greek (Not just for biblical studies, this webpage covers
    1. The History of Greek Pronunciation; 2. A Chart of Four Major Conventions of Greek Pronunciation; 3. Links to examples of the
    Greek pronunciation conventions; 4. Historical Pronunciation Sites; and 5. Broader Phonetic Sites.)

    Category: Dictionaries / Glossaries of Ancient Greek Proper Names

    1. Description: Greek Proper Name Index (indicates stress and rough breathing mark)

    2. Description: Vocabulary of Proper Names Appendix of Woodhouse's English-Greek Dictionary (indicates all diacriticals and genitive form)

    3. Description: Name Origins, Mythological, Behind the Name (no diacritical marks)

    4. Description: Name Origins, Greek, Ancient Greek, Behind the Name (no diacritical marks)
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    Del Ministerio de Educación del Gobierno de España: didacTerion - diccionario Griego[todas las eras]/Castellano

    Bienvenido al conjunto de utilidades para crear contenidos interactivos.
    Esta web está preparada para funcionar con Explorer 8, Mozilla 3, o Google Chrome.

    Diccionario - Escribe en el cuadro de texto inferior. Para escribir en griego pulsa [F2] o haz click sobre el icono que representa una alfa [arriba; Editor]. Para volver al alfabeto latino pulsa otra vez.
  22. nikial New Member


    Description: In this page you can watch greek movies online for free. If you look around, you 'll definately find other interesting things too, like ancient greek literature or texts concerning greek mythology which could be read for practice. But the movies section provides a good opportunity to practise the listening skill!

    Category: Media

    Hope you find it interesting too! :)
  23. Gathoula New Member

    URL: greekfreaks. blogspot. com
    Description: resources for the learners of Modern Greek
    Category: Other Reference
  24. OlgaKr New Member

    Description: 1440 conjugated Greek verbs in their active and passive voice (2880 total records) application.
    Category: Reference - Greek Verbs

  25. leonivan3 New Member

    Anyone who would like any information or question to ask about the Greek language feel free to ask.
    You could find my contact details my profile.
  26. Kabouterke Senior Member

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    Hello, everyone! I am an experienced language learner who has recently started learning Greek. I've translated about 60 words from English to Greek in an Excel spreadsheet, and I would like to get a native or advanced speaker to look over them and make sure they are right before I memorize them. Is there a place where I can do this on this forum, or are there other websites where I can get help with such things?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!
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    To learn Greek at all levels for free on internet, this is a fantastic site:

    Για την εκμάθηση της ελληνικής γλώσσας σε όλα τα επίπεδα για δωρεάν στο Διαδίκτυο, αυτό είναι φανταστικό
  28. Sextus Empiricus

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    URL: (site name: From Alif to Omega)
    Category: Resource center
    Description: This is my site that I'm building basically as a place to collect resources exactly like the ones you all are sharing here (in fact, I've listed a lot of the ones already mentioned, and I'll be adding links to the many excellent ones you've found that I knew nothing about). The entire focus of the site is Greek and Levantine Arabic learning materials, so if you have suggestions on things I should add, please feel free to PM me.
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