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Greek Greece Mod of Greek, CC and CD
Note: Post 1 General resources about typing in Greek of any era.
Post 2 resources for Ancient Greek

Posts #3 and #4 for Modern Greek.

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Typing in Greek

A comprehensive guide

This link provides a step-by-step guide to installing a Greek polytonic keyboard, for users of Windows XP.

Typing Greek on the Internet: An easy-to-use tool


Greeklish converter
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    Greek Greece Mod of Greek, CC and CD

    Ancient Greek

    Transliteration of Ancient Greek into Latin characters

    In the interest of universally intelligible transliteration of ancient or modern Greek into Latin characters, please use these guidelines. However, please do not mark the short and long vowels this way unless necessary.


    It should be noted that ancient and modern Greek differ in pronunciation. There are many sites dedicated to both the different theories about reconstucted pronunciation of ancient Greek and the arguments on which pronunciation should be used. Due to the controversial nature of the subject, we ask you not to open threads on the subject unless you have already conducted your own research and want to discuss about a particular doubt you may have.

    Modern Greek pronunciation guides abound on the Internet.

    This is one of the best guides to MG pronunciation I am aware of. If you know of one that is especially good and to which we can link within the limits of this forum's rules, please notify me by private message.

    General Resources
    Description: Extremely good site for ancient Greek and Latin resources. This is its dictionary page.
    Description: Various resources and information about ancient Greek
    Description: Information and explanations about Bible Greek (some useful for all forms of Greek) in French
    Description: A grammar book by Perseus (contents on the right hand column)
    Description: Exercises and tests on ancient Greek (it could well be described as an educational game )

    Description: English-Ancient Greek (one direction only)
    Description: Middle-Ages Greek - Modern Greek dictionary
    Description: The Souda dictionary
    Description: As you can understand from the title this one is mostly for Koine

    Description: Alphabet

    Online lessons
    Description: Amazing tools for learning Ancient Greek (and Latin)
    Description: Introductory
    Description: Beginner level
    Description: Koine Greek (incomplete - only pronunciation, nouns and pronouns)
    Description: Tutorials and exercises

    Description: Ancient and medieval texts of Greek
    Description: On ancient Greek technology and music
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    Greek Greece Mod of Greek, CC and CD
    Modern Greek


    a) General Greek - Other language(s)
    Description: English (both directions)

    Logos Dictionary
    Description: Multilinugal dictionary

    Modern Greek Dictionary, Modern Greek Dictionaries, Lexica, Lexicon, Λεξικό, λεξικά, ελληνικά
    Description: A list of different two way dictionaries.

    b) Specialised Greek - Other language(s)

    Medical Greek Dictionaries & Glossaries Dictionary Glossary
    Description: English Greek medical dictionary

    Λεξικό Ιατρικών Όρων
    Description: English Greek medical dictionary

    Description: A multi-technical on-line glossary of terms for a wide spectrum of applications including chemistry, medical, computer, engineering and industrial fields. English <> Greek

    IATE - The EU's multilingual term base
    Description: Specialized definition extraction from EU texts from and to any EU language, multiple fields/domains (technical, EU, politics, medical, information/IT, education, social, environment, commerce, etc. etc.).

    Description: Informatics dictionary/glossary, English>Greek. Just replace /a.htm with /b.htm etc., in order to browse entries starting with different letters, or just click on the letters on the left.

    Description: Telecommunications TermBase. Database in Greek/English/German/French.

    Ηλεκτρονικό Γλωσσάρι Ορολογίας της Γλωσσολογίας / Online Glossary of Linguistic Terminology
    Description: Dictionary of linguistic terms

    Μεταφράσεις στη Lexicon
    Description: List of specialized dictionaries

    c) Greek - Greek

    e-lexico: Δημητράκου. Μέγα Λεξικόν Όλης της Ελληνικής Γλώσσης, 15 τόμοι
    Description: Demetrakos' Dictionary of the Greek language (Μέγα Λεξικόν της Ελληνικής Γλώσσης του Δημητράκου). Greek-Greek
    Description: Modern Greek slang, Greek>Greek dictionary. Apparently one can also add definitions to a term, rate existing definitions etc. when registered, although registration is not required to simply look terms up.

    Ελληνική Ελεύθερη Εγκυκλοπαίδεια -
    Description: A Wikipedia-style encyclopedia site with a nice Greek>Greek dictionary, including plenty of colloquial words. Just enter a word (or topic, for that matter) in the search box at the top of the page.

    (note: many of the on-line course have separate sections on grammar

    Description: Lexiscope is a compound language tool that provides information about a Modern Greek word or phrase.
    Description: Online (and downloadable) java application for Greek (and English) conjugation.

    Overview of Greek Grammar
    Description: A brief overview

    More Greek Phrases (Modern Greek)
    Description: Syntax

    Description: Basic Greek Lessons

    Description: Τα Ελληνικά ως Ξένη Γλώσσα

    Τα μέρη του λόγου
    Description: Explanation about some basic concepts of the Greek language. In Greek.

    Description: Greek alphabet (very profound historical info)

    All Greek to me! Any Greeklish to Greek
    Description: Turn Greeklish into Greek characters very useful and quite accurate.


    The Details of Modern Greek Phonetics and Phonology
    Description: Very detailed explanations with audio files

    Online courses

    Learn Greek Online!
    Description: A rich selection of courses for all levels (free registration needed)

    Modern Greek Vocabulary
    Description: A much more user friendly forum connected to the lessons of (and for any other question on modern Greek)
    Description: Lessons with audio

    Filoglossia - Learning Greek as a foreign language
    Description: Learning Greek as a Foreign Language, basic with audio
    Description: Advanced lessons in Greek as a foreign language

    Free Web Hosting, Free Website Builder, Make a Website
    Description: Basic Greek lessons with emphasis on grammar, structure etc

    Description: Greek as a foreign language. Must know some Greek to access the lessons
    Description: Modern Greek as a Foreign Language, advanced lessons
    Description: Modern Greek in downloadable PDFs
    Description: For beginners. Alphabet, numbers, colours etc
    Description: Lessons in Italian
    Description: This resource was for anyone who was interested in learning Modern Greek, but was primarily used as a repository for class notes for a Modern Greek evening class. It is organised by the topics covered in each of the academic terms during which the class runs
    Description: Course notes put together through a year 1 beginners Greek evening class. This site also contains various posts about activities going on with the class, but the bulk of the posts were notes on topics covered in class
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    Greek Greece Mod of Greek, CC and CD
    Modern Greek continued

    Vocabulary for tourists
    Description: Most common expressions
    Description: Simple phrases
    Description: Basic words and expressions

    Description: Translation of the Bible in modern Greek
    Description: A resource centre for the Greek language and culture
    Description: A short history of the language
    Description: A user-friendly introduction to Greece and Greek

    Η Πύλη για την ελληνική γλώσσα
    Description: Interesting information and tools about mainly modern Greek. Page appears only in Greek
    Description: Greek Language in Podcasts
    Description: Greek TV
    Description: Radio Feeds
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