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    With regard to the beneficial results of climate warming this term is used. I suppose it means new climate- or environment-related jobs.
    But what does collar in this context really mean? It also make me further problems because another question to the text asks for other two"-collar" jobs mentioned and I cannot recognize them in the text until I have fully understood the term.

    Please help me.
    thank you in advance.
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    In AE, the term refers to the kind of job a person has. A "blue collar" worker is one who does NOT wear a "white shirt" (with the traditional white collar to work); i.e., "blue collar workers" refers to laborers, construction workers, truck drivers, those who work with their hands (electricians, plumbers, etc.).

    I hope this helps.
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    Hello signpen,

    Adding to Joelline's explanation, the collar is the part of a shirt that goes around the neck. The color of the collar is often used figuratively to indicate the type of shirt a worker in the job might wear.

    To clarify:
    Historically, a worker who had a job involving manual labor often wore a shirt or overalls made of blue material. Therefore a "blue-collar worker" came to mean a person whose job involved manual labor (their clothing might become soiled). It then followed that a "white-collar" worker was someone whose job did not involve manual labor such as a professional or office worker (their clothes could be white since they did not become soiled). Today other colors might indicate other jobs, such as the "green-collar" you mentioned and "pink-collar" to indicate jobs predominantly held by women.
  4. signpen Member

    Thank you, but that fact I have already understood.
    My problem is actually the text.
    I have to answer special qustion to a text. Now one question confuses me relating to that term. so I have to show you the excerpt and the question concerning my confusion:
    "In the coming years, all of us around the world must decide to see global warming as a challenge, and also as an opportunity. We can start to address global warming with innovation and with market-based solutions that will grow economies around the world and create the next generation of good-paying jobs – including “green-collar” jobs.
    We have already seen the powerful potential of green jobs in America. << removed by moderator >> But today, 1,000 of those men and women [who lost their jobs] are back at work on the site of their former steel mill – building wind turbines.
    << removed by moderator >> "
    Taken from: The World in 2008. “Green Expectations”, by Nancy Pelosi. p. 60

    a) What are “green-collar” jobs?

    b) What are the other two “-collar” jobs?
    << quotation edited by moderator >>
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  5. signpen Member

    I cannot see any other jobs!
    And what is meant with that hyphen between the words "two" and "collar"?
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    "Green-collar" jobs are jobs in industries that are ecologically friendly, like exploiting renewable energy sources.
  7. signpen Member

    Yes, I know, bibliolept.
    But what does the second question according to the text above mean?
  8. Franzi Senior Member

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    "A" and "B" are questions you were given about the text, right? The two normal, accepted "___-collar job" terms are "blue-collar" and "white-collar". Someone already explained them above. Other "___-collar" terms are not widely accepted, but if a color has an obvious cultural connotation (green = environmental, pink = feminine, female, or gay depending on the context), people will coin new "___-collar" terms.
  9. lablady

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    I think the other two "-collar" jobs part of the question expects you to think ouside the text. I don't think the other "-collar" jobs are specifcally mentioned. Joelline and I gave you the answer in our explanations. :)
  10. signpen Member

    Ok, thank you all very very much! You were very kind!
    What a dreadful asked question! I was so concentrated on the text!

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