Green Dragon at Punchford

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I would be very grateful if you could help me with this sentence.I have some difficulty understanding this sentence (short story from Saki, "THE HOUNDS OF FATE")

“But where am I to go?” stammered Stoner, who had caught the infection of the old man’s obvious terror.
“Go right away along the coast to Punchford and keep hid there. When Michael’s safe gone I’ll ride the roan over to the Green Dragon at Punchford; when you see the cob stabled at the Green Dragon ’tis a sign you may come back agen.”
“But–” began Stoner hesitatingly.

What is "Green Dragon at Punchford"?
  • GreenWhiteBlue

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    Pubs/inns/taverns in England traditionally had names that could be depicted as images on signs hung outside the pub's door. This was a very practical thing to do at a time when many people were illiterate: by looking at the picture on the sign, you would know whether you were standing in front of the "White Horse", or the "Red Lion" or the "Rose and Crown." Even though nearly everyone in modern England is literate, this custom of pub-naming continues. Some pub names are more common than others, and "Green Dragon" is not an uncommon name.

    Here is a pub sign for a pub named the "Green Dragon":
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