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Developed a high-level land monetization strategy fo a greenfield mega city in the Middle East
Developed a port strategy for a major greenfield port in the GCC including demand capture analysis/strategy, operating model and governance structure

What does " greenfield " mean in this context?
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    Building on land that had not previous contained buildings or development. It is opposed to brownfield, which is land that already had some development and is now being re-built over.


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    Greenfield Smart Cities Shaping the Future of India - NewCities

    Greenfield development must include integrated city planning: physical, utilities, social, environmental, operational, and digital are examples of various planning processes that are integrated into DMIC cities. Though each of these planning efforts can’t stand alone, their integration in the early phases of the project is most beneficial for the development of a sustainable, smart, and efficient city.

    And my search on Google: greenfield mega city - Google Search


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    In this case, the original land was probably not actually green, but the figurative meaning still holds true.
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