greenish substance in your nose?

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What do you call this greenish, or sometimes brownish, substance that you extract when poking your nose?

Thank you!
  • Davidvs91

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    English - American
    It would be called "nasal mucus", or just "mucus". In AmE, the slang would be "snot" When it is in the throat it would be called "phlem"


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    AE, Español
    "Snot" is uncountable. (Unless you're using it figuratively to refer to a bratty child, in which case you can talk about various "snots.")

    "Booger" is a single "unit" of snot; the plural "boogers" is common in AE too.

    A handkerchief is sometimes referred to, very informally, as a "snot rag."

    By the way, I congratulate you on the artful and even delicate way in which you phrased your question.
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