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[Tom, I've got a new idea for you.", said Mary.
I had been getting more and more confident in what I had been doing in my job. So I greeted my boss, Mary's new idea for what I could do with a little trepidation, and also without much enthusiasm.]

greet~for/ is very new to me.
greet...means say 'hi' or react in certain way.

So, this sentence is hard for my to understand.
Please help.

'I' am getting confident and I was happy for Mary's new idea?
  • bibliolept

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    There is no "direct" connection between "greet" and "for" in this sentence. "For what I could do" describes idea and, in truth, could be omitted with very little change to the overall meaning of the sentence.


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    Yes, he is saying he greeted the new idea with trepidation and without much enthusiasm. The "for what I could do" describes the idea and doesn't go with the "greet."
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