greet someone by playing the piano naked

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The following reports describe two same events. My problem is with the bold section "greeting Norman Rosenthal". Does it mean "Hirst played piano naked in order to greet and welcome Rosental" or "Hirst was playing piano naked for himself that suddenly Rosenthal arrived"?

Report #1:
Damien Hirst has shown a propensity for indecently exhibiting his body, greeting Norman Rosenthal, Exhibitions Secretary at the Royal Academy, by playing the piano naked and upsetting a fellow diner in a Dublin Restaurant by inserting a chicken bone under the foreskin of his penis (Art and Advertising by Joan Gibbons).

Report #2:
He dropped his trousers in the bar of his hotel in Dublin last month, where he was directing a Beckett play for television, and a female guest is persisting with her threat to sue after he inserted a chicken bone in the end of his penis. More recently, Norman Rosenthal, the exhibitions secretary of the Royal Academy, arrived at the Colony Room in Soho and found Damien trouserless at the piano (Source).
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    I don't get the idea that Hirst was playing the piano in the nude in order to greet Rosental, as a sort of welcome gesture. He could have just happened to be playing the piano when Rosental arrived. I don't think either sentence makes that quite clear.

    We can say "he was greeted by scenes of uproar" - when he arrived, there was uproar going on all around. It might have been a reaction to this person's arrival, or it could have been that he arrived in the middle of a demonstration.
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