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"Korean New Year, Seollal, is greeted with steaming bowls of rice cake soup called tteokuk."

In the above sentence, which is the meaing of "is greeted with" among the following three meanings?

greet v.

1.~sb (with sth) to say hello to sb or to welcome them
: She greeted us with a smile.

2. [usually passive] ~sb/sth (with/as sth) to react to sb/sth in a particular way
: The chansges were greeted with suspicion.

3. [usually passive] (of sights, sounds or smells) to be the first thing that you see, hear or smell at a particular time
: When she opened the doctor she was
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    Of the three possible definitions, the example sentence comes closest to (2).
    BUT I need to emphasise that I'm talking about the definition. The example given is very negative. This definition and structure may also be used in positive contexts - as in the topic sentence "... greeted with steaming bowls of rice cake soup...".
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