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Hello everybody. I am confused about greet. I would like to ask my question with a story. When I invite my friends over If they come and say to me hello is what they said(hello) greeting? Thank you
  • Uncle Jack

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    British English
    Yes. Saying "hello" is a greeting. So is shaking hands, giving each other a quick kiss or any of the other (usually quite short) things people do when they meet.


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    British English (Sussex)
    The host opens the door and greets the guests. He welcomes them. At an official reception, this will be a formal affair. Guests line up to be greeted by the hosts:
    Greeting your Wedding Guests: The Receiving Line | Bijou Wedding Venues

    People exchange greetings, or greet people they know, simply to be friendly: For example, they say " Hello" to one another. I saw an acquaintance across the street and I greeted him with a cheery "Hello".
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