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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by chomper, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. chomper New Member

    I need more translation (to Italian). Grazie...

    (1) How was lunch?
    (2) Enjoy yourself
    (3) Happy Valentine's Day
    (4) With love from
    (5) boyfriend
    (6) girlfriend
    (7) Send my regards to your family
    (8) I can't live without you
    (9) Hug & Kisses
    (10) What will you be doing later?

    I also want to know something...if I want to form a it always the same....example " I'm going to sleep", "I'm going to work", "I'm going to watch a movie" and more....when I use the sentence "I'm going to....." , is it written the same.....
    And can help me to translate "I'm going to..." into Italian.
    Thanks a lot.....

  2. chomper New Member

    also can help me translate Good afternoon in Italian.....grazie
  3. Silvia

    Silvia Senior Member

    (1) How was lunch? = Com'era il pranzo?
    (2) Enjoy yourself = Divertiti
    (3) Happy Valentine's Day = Auguri per S. (San) Valentino (not used between friends...)
    (4) With love from = (depends on what kind of love) Con affetto/amore da
    (5) boyfriend = ragazzo/fidanzato (it depends)
    (6) girlfriend = ragazza/fidanzata (it depends)
    (7) Send my regards to your family = salutami la tua famiglia (informal)
    (8) I can't live without you = non posso vivere senza di te
    (9) Hug & Kisses = Baci e abbracci
    (10) What will you be doing later? = Cosa fai più tardi? (informal)
    Good afternoon = Buon pomeriggio

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