Greetings on different timing belt [for different time zones]


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Hi there. What do you say to someone when to them its night time and to you its day time? Do you greet them according to their time or to your? For instance if to them its night I say to them "good evening" but they say good evening as well even if to me its day. We often quarrel about that so I would like to find your opinions. Thank you.
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    I use their time to be polite and to show how clued in I am about world time zones.
    I use my time when I want to be funny (although it never is).

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I usually say something like "Good morning, or, to you, good evening."

    By the way, in English they're time zones, not time (or timing) belts. A timing belt is the part of a car's engine that makes sure the valves open when the pistons are in the correct positions. When I opened this thread, I thought you wanted a way to congratulate someone who had just replaced that part of his or her car's engine. It sounded like a strange topic for congratulations, but I was curious. :)
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