Grin and bear it / Suffer and endure it

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Persian (Farsi)
I want to refer to a situation which a person should accept it without complaining because they have no other choice or they have to accept it!
For example: It was a horrible job but she had to (grin and bear it / suffer and endure it)
I wonder if you tell me for you as natives, are both phrases the same or they differ?
  • e2efour

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    UK English
    Grin and bear it is an idiom. It is also idiomatic.
    Suffer and endure it is a way of saying the same thing, using ordinary words. It doesn't sound as idiomatic here because of the combination suffer/endure (these words mean roughly the same). I would say put up with it.


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    English (U.S.)
    There is a difference in that "grin and bear it" suggests that while she has to endure something unpleasant, she is making an effort to display cheerfulness (she will "grin") while she does so.
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