1. van.rose Member

    I am reading a book called "What was I scared of?" by Dr. Seuss book, as I know this author introduce neologisms in the stories, I wish you could help me out to have an idea about this word "Grin-itch" I'll write the whole context:

    "Then one dark night in Grin-itch
    (I have to do an errand there
    And fetch some Grin-itch spinach)

    I would appreciate if you help me with this, I guess it refers to some invented place, but I would to find a translation.


  2. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    Yes, it's an invented place. The word bears a resemblance in pronunciation to the place name Greenwich, so my guess is that Geisel's inspiration for his invented place was Greenwich Village.

    I don't think that it needs to be translated, since it's the name of a (imaginary) place.
  3. van.rose Member

    Oh Geisel! Thanks for the help, I am trying to read this story in spanish to my 4 years old son, he insists me to read it in spanish... So, he told me to get a translation in the computer :D.

    Muchas gracias,


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