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Jin akashini

Senior Member
Hi,every one
I am learning some technical terms and I am confused about some names : "grinder", "grinding machine" and "grinding wheel".
Can you explain them to me!
Thank you very much!
  • owlman5

    Senior Member
    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, Jin. Here are some pictures of "grinding machines", which can also be called "grinders". Here are some pictures of "grinding wheels". Both grinding machines and grinding wheels are designed to remove excess material from something with abrasion.

    Remember that all these words are derived from the word "grind". As long as you understand that verb, you should have no problem understanding what "a grinder", "a grinding machine", or "a grinding wheel" is.

    Linked to first page of Google Images for "Grinding Machines" and "Grinding Wheels".
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