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Hello everyone,

From the book 99: Stories of the Game by Wayne Gretzky:

"He wanted to give that big Philly line something to worry about. So he used his scoring line—Peter Mahovlich, Lafleur, and Shutt—and then added another line that could do both—either Yvon Lambert or Rick Chartraw as grinding checker, Yvan Cournoyer, an offensive threat, and Jacques Lemaire, a great forechecker and playmaker."

Does "grinding" imply tough, the one that plays roughly?

Thank you.
  • From Wikipedia:

    In ice hockey, a grinder is a player better known for his hard work and checking than his scoring. A grinder is often a player who has limited offensive skills, but is valuable to a hockey team due to physical forechecking skills especially along the boards; for "grinding along the boards".

    From WRD, verb #8, grind, informal:

    to work or study hard or for long hours.
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