Gris chiné

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Dans le domaine du textile et pour la couleur d'un tee shirt gris par exemple, on dit souvent "gris chiné". Selon vous : Cloudy grey or marbled grey ?
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    Une précision: la couleur heather elle-même est en effet la couleur décrite par égueule; ceci dit, a heather/heathered color means a blended color, subtly combined throughout the strands of yarn. A marl/marled yarn gives a similar effect, but the tone is usually achieved using solid strands of different colors plied together (jaspé, selon le GDT...?)

    I think heather/heathered is a good translation of chiné.
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    Kelly B

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    Flecked is less subtle than heathered, I think; it might have been suitable for the specific item you were describing at the time.

    Here are examples to show the difference as I perceive it:
    This tweed yarn is flecked: it has distinct flecks of color.
    Here is a heathered yarn. It contains many colors, but the differences are subtle.
    Marled yarns contain different colored strands twisted together.
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