Große Bühne für Mozart

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    Große Bühne für [+ person or similar]

    Does this expression translate idiomatically into English? 'Great stage for XXXXXX' doesn't really particularly work/mean anything. (This is in an article and relates to a successful music concert and several times uses the expression 'Große Bühne für Mozart''.)

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    I'm sure "performance" does not work here. This sounds as if Mozart were still alive and had a great performance that evening.

    By the way, "linguee" cannot be regarded as a dictionary you can trust. It's just an enumeration of sentences that have been translated one way or another. Linguee does not guarantee for the correctness of those sentences. Sometimes it can be quite useful to give you ideas, though.
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    @ Lelleo50: Could you say "Mozart gets the red carpet treatment."? I was not sure whether you could also use this expression in a figurative sense for a dead person's masterpieces but here it seems to have been used that way:

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