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This paragraph is from this websit about the shortcomings of a flat company

(Flat Will Kill You, Eventually: Why Every Company Needs Structure)

Projects like this always seem to turn into an internal blame- or groan-a-thon. You’ll DM your co-workers complaining about… well, nothing. About how it’s really annoying that this project isn’t done yet. About how you feel helpless and stifled. About how things aren’t working like they used to. But there’s a lot of other stuff to do, so instead of looking closer and figuring it out, you’ll focus on your work, be irritated, and then complain that evening over a few beers.

What does groan-a-thon mean? What does DM mean?

  • It sounds like people groaning / moaning for a long time. The "-athon" is a suffix taken from "marathon", occurring as the final element in compounds which have the general sense of something drawn out to unusual length.
    A "pizza-athon" would refer to the experience of someone, say, who went to Italy and vowed to eat as many pizzas as possible in three weeks. They are usually invented words.
    There is often a sense of "contest", or competing with yourself.
    "DM" could be "Direct Message".
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