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    currently translating Julian Cope's Japrocksampler, i dont understand what he means in this sentence:

    "So where were the Spiders? They were still working hard at it, in fact totally flat-out. Our leaders had managed a second movie for 1968, in the rather Bob Hope/Bing Crosby-titled Road to Bali, again featuring secret-agent men, plutonium-smuggling and atom bombs; then without even a break, the seven launched into the filming of their psychedelic flick Big Commotion, in which chaotic scenes full of groovy nude painted chicks, mod boutiques and ultra-disorientating rock sounds conflated together to create a generic overview of the period."

    I dont get what he means by painted chicks: it's real girls painted, or is it paints of chicks ? it's quite unclear to me...

    Thanks for helping!! :)
  2. franc 91 Senior Member

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    painted could mean maquillées
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    Or, given the period, body-painted? But in any case probably live actresses.
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  5. Glaire

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    Nice thank you all!!! :)

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