grossly inadequate


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"In addition, a meeting of European Union finance ministers, set for Wednesday before the summit meeting, was abruptly canceled on Tuesday, largely because of continuing negotiations with banks over a reduction in the face value of Greek debt — a so-called haircut — of up to 60 percent instead of the 21 percent previously agreed to but considered grossly inadequate by most economists. "
What does 'grossly inadequate' mean here?
Thanks in anticipation.
  • Funken

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    It means 'Lacking' or 'not enough'. The word "grossly" means 'in a big way'...
    You could also say 'very inadequate'

    paul f

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    inadequate has its normal sense of unsatisfactory, or not enough.
    grossly here means very, or highly.

    Therefore to reiterate the phrase you are left with:
    "The reduction... was considered highly unsatisfactory by most economists"
    "The reduction... was considered nowhere near enough by most economists"
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