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Hello Word Reference,

I am trying to translate 'ground clearance' as in the distance between the ground and the chassis of a vehicle. I think that this would be 'ride height' in American parlance.

I was wanting to know if anyone knows the exact and technical way of saying this as I can guess at some descriptions but am looking for an exact way so that it can go in a list of features for a car.

My guess would be something like:

distanza da terra/suolo
spazio tra terra e veicolo
altezza del telaio

I would have thought distanza da terra would be best but any help would be great.

Thanks in advance!

  • Grazie raga'

    Sorry for the late reply!

    That really helps, by the way it's for a website that sells radiocontrolled cars so maybe 'luce a terra' is a little too higher register but that will be great if someone else says it to me so at least I will know what they mean.

    Oh and TimLA that link was really good as I am translating a list of features and there were also some other useful terms in there.

    Thanks once again to you both!


    Ciao deny80!

    "Distanza da terra o distanza dal suolo" [fra il suolo e il punto più basso della coppa dell'olio].

    Dovresti, però, fornirci un contesto più dettagliato.


    Benzene questo vale solo per le automobili.
    Ground clearence nelle moto invece credo indichi anche l'angolo di inclinazione che la moto può effettuare prima di toccare il suolo con il fianco.
    Se sbaglio correggetemi...
    Ne abbiamo parlato qui. Ti consiglio distanza/altezza da terra o anche luce a terra. Sono misurazioni prese a moto ferma.
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