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I have checked many dictionaries but am still not sure what a group of horses kept open-air is called in English. My Hungarian-English dictionary says "stud", but isn't it rather one horse? Another word I found is "stable", but this word only refers to horses kept in a "house", doesn't it?
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    To me, a stud is an individual horse kept for breeding. A farm devoted to breeding would be a stud farm. A successful race horse might be "put out to stud" at the end of his racing career.

    And, like the others, I would use "herd" for a group of horses.


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    "Herd" would be the most common, certainly, though that may or may not suggest that these are domesticated horses. One could use "troop"; "harras" would probably be too obscure.


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    From the OED
    1. a. An establishment in which stallions and mares are kept for breeding. Also, the stallions and mares kept in such an establishment.
    3. a. In early use: The horses bred by and belonging to one person. In later use: A number of horses (esp. race-horses or hunters) belonging to one owner.

    Lots of horses in the open - without any further information I would call them a herd.
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