grout and thin set (as in tile)

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  1. MARIANITA82MX New Member

    please help me find a traslation of grout and thin relating to tile in spanish
  2. transparente Senior Member

    at home
    grout, es lo que va entre los azulejos. No se el nombre! mezcla?
    thin set? podr'ia ser poner una capa fina del grout.
    No tienes una oraci'on? para ver mas contexto.
  3. Bil

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    Hi Marianita

    ¿Los verbos? (tiles) enlechar; (cracks) rellenar; (surface) enfoscar, enlucir y (¿consistency? diluir, rebajar

    Lo siento, necesitaríamos o la frase o más contexto.
  4. nicklose

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    Well, I'm working on a translation of that type for Encaustic cement floor tiles laying and it seems that "grout" is the translation for "cemento para juntar", I've asked a friend who's architect about a specific word but she said there's none, literally "cement for joint" and that's it...
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    This answer is very late, and it's not much of an answer. When I did the tile in my house, I remember the bags of thin set and grout (from Home Depot) both had Spanish translations (how accurate I know not). Unfortunately, I can't remember the word for either, but if you have HD nearby, it may contain the words you're looking for.

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