'growing' the bottom line faster than they've 'grown' the top line

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    Even so, Hurd,with help from Lesjak,reaped more benefit from slicing and dicing than expanding sales.Now some on Wall street say that strategy has run its course."They have cut costs from existing businesses and companies they acquired, growing the bottom line faster than they've grown the top line.(about HP company)

    Hi, everyone!
    How to understand "growing the bottom line faster than they've grown the top line"?
    What's the subject of "growing"? i have no idea about this sentence.

    Thank you!
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    It is a transitive use of 'growing' that I associate with business jargon. Here growing means "increasing". They have been increasing the bottom line more than they have increased the top line.

    The top line is the amount of money they take in, the revenue.
    The bottom line is the amount left when they have subtracted their expenses.
    They have increased the bottom line by lowering their expenses, so the amount left after expenses is higher.

    However they have not increased the amount of money they take in as much as they have cut their expenses. Their bottom line is growing faster than their top line.

    (See this thread for an explanation of top and bottom line:surging top-line growth.)
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