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Does anyone know what does "growth outreach" mean? I don't have a context, only the name of the project - Growth outreach and mobilization project, which I can't find on the Internet.
  • cuchuflete

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    It may mean many things, but without knowing more about the source than you are able to tell us, we can only guess. It appears to be a title. As such, it will point at things rather than describe them. In other words, a literal reading of the title will be useless to most people not conversant with the jargon used. NGOs are among the more notorious users of jargon. They hold their own with government agencies and corporations when it comes to arcane terminology.

    If the NGO were involved in economic development, 'growth outreach' might have one meaning—though I have no idea what that would be. If the NGO were involved in public health, the associations could be different.

    I'm afraid we are stuck without additional background.
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