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Hey, i found an unknown word in one of my homework (an article from The Week, January 14th 2023). The title is The royal memoir: Prince Harry tells all and the word "grudge-tooting" appears in the first lines of the article. I made some research and i found "rancunier" which would be quite logical as "la rancune" is grudge in english, but i still prefer to ask the question here.
  • Welcome to the forum. Sorry is it grudge-tooting or grudge-toting? I've only heard of grudge-carrying which sounds close to toting. I see the WR dictionary includes to bear a grudge. Again same meaning.
    Thanks for welcoming me! Well in the article it is written "grudge-toting", do you think it is a mistake from the newspaper?
    No it’s just that you wrote “tooting” in your post. In any case toting is just used as an alternative to carrying/bearing. Same meaning
    Perso je traduirais par "imprégné de ressentiment/rancune", car si "to tote" signifie bien porter, c'est plus précisément "porter sur soi".
    On dit/entend/utilise souvent gun-toting; je n'ai jamais entendu/lu/vu grudge-toting mais ça pourrait marcher (comme néologisme) puisque le Prince H ne cache pas (du tout) sa rancune.
    J'avais suggéré "imprégné" car le terme peut s'appliquer tant à cette oeuvre magistrale qu'à l'individu qui l'a commise...