1. wachiquinquereño New Member

    Washington, DC-metro area, USA
    English (bilingual) USA
    Se usa para referirse a etnias, grupos religiosos, etáreos, etc. Entiendo que es el grupo con que se identifica el individuo, pero se me escapa cuál sería su traducción justa y a medida.

    Agradezco cualquier colaboración,

  2. Sabelotodo Senior Member

    Great Lakes Region, USA
    English, United States
    How about identity group? Or subculture?
  3. Ed the Editor

    Ed the Editor Senior Member

    Hay una palabra muy formal: "cohort". Quizás sea lo que buscas.
  4. moirag Senior Member

    English, England
    What about "community"? We use it - in Britain, at least, - to refer to ethnic and religious groups. Or, possibly, "peers"/ "peer group"?
  5. Barbara S. Senior Member

    I think a cohort usually refers to people in the same age group. In America peer group is used more often when talking about adolescence. I think "community" is good, but more often we just refer to people "identifying with a particular ethnic or religious group." There's a difference between how a person identifies himself and how he is identified by others. In the latter case, we talk about someone's "ethnic identity".
  6. asltraductor New Member

    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    English, USA
    ¿Puede ser "Special Interest Group"?
  7. jengon555 Senior Member

    USA English
    Ethnic Group

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